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Proxy Access Now Available

What’s new?

You can now use Patient Access on behalf of loved ones and those you care for to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and, where appropriate, view and share medical records.

Who is it aimed at?

This is designed for all users of Patient Access who need to use the service on behalf of someone else. This may include:

  • Families with young children
  • Those who care for a family member or friend who finds using the internet difficult
  • Professional carers

 How do I access this feature?

 To use Patient Access on behalf of your loved ones or dependents, you must request access via your GP.

For children under 11 years of age a parent/guardian can request access through the surgery and there is no need for the child to co sign the form. The access will be switched off on the child’s 11Th Birthday (reminders will be sent 3 months prior) The proxy will need to bring in ID with them.

For children 11-16 the parent/guardian can continue with proxy access but both the child and proxy must come into the surgery and sign the form in front of reception and bring ID. If the child wishes their own online account then this will be sent to the GP for approval. Also if the child declines the proxy access but the parent/guardians feels it would be in the patients best interest to continue then this will go to the GP for review and a decision made.The proxy can have their own account if they are deemed competent to make decisions. Proxy access will turn off on the child’s 16th Birthday. (reminders will be sent 3 months prior.)

Patients over 16 can grant proxy access to a carer/relative/friend on their behalf. Both the patient and the proxy will need to bring ID into the surgery and sign the forms giving explicit consent for the proxy to manage the patient’s online access.

If you are an existing online user then the next time you log into your account you will automatically be linked to the proxy account. (under linked users)

If not an existing online user already then once you register you will then have access to the linked patient at the point registration is complete.

The practice has the right to remove online access to services for anyone that does not use them responsibly.