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COVID-19 Vaccinations Update

The COVID vaccination clinics have been very successful.

We have now invited all our top four cohorts to be vaccinated – these are the following groups:

  • All over 80’s
  • Health and social care staff who are registered with us (although the responsibility for this is mainly with their employer)
  • All over 70’s
  • Patients of any age who are clinically extremely vulnerable (‘shielding’ patients)

There are some patients in these groups that we have not been able to contact – if you are aware of anyone in these groups who has not been vaccinated please do let us know since we don’t want to miss anyone.

The following are the % vaccinated in each group:

  • Over 80’s: 96%
  • Health and social care: 90%
  • Over 70’s: 92%
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 87%

In the middle of January, there was a national call for practices who were doing well with their vaccination programme to offer help to other areas in vaccinating their care home residents since there were significant concerns that these groups were very susceptible particularly to the new more transmissible variant. Through the hard work of our GPs, particularly at the weekends, we also vaccinated over 500 care home residents and staff in other care homes outside our area. We have also vaccinated staff and some over 80’s at our vaccination site from other practices who were finding it difficult to vaccinate this very vulnerable group.

From the 8th February, we will continue to target anyone in the top four cohorts who has not yet attended and will start to invite patients from cohort 5 (aged 65-70). Where we have a mobile number, you will receive a text to follow a link to book your own appointment. If there are no appointments left, your link will continue to be ‘active’ and can be used to book on future clinics as they are scheduled.

If you don’t have a smartphone you can forward the whole message for someone else to book on your behalf or put the link into your internet browser to book. If you don’t have a mobile we will call you to book an appointment. Clinics are usually scheduled at quite short notice, in line with our vaccine deliveries (at the moment we have less than a week’s notice of these).

Thank you for your ongoing support and an extra big Thank you to the patients who have anonymously left Thank You cards at the clinic, these small gestures fill us with such great job satisfaction!!

Surgery Closure Dates for Protected Learning Time

On the following dates in 2021/2022, the practice will be closed between 13:00 and 18:00 for essential staff training.  We will re-open as normal again at 08:30 the following day.

If during these times you require urgent medical assistance that cannot wait until the surgery reopens, please contact the NHS 111 Service by dialling 111. Between 18:00 and 18:30 you can call the Out of Hours service on 0300 033 9888. At any other time, until the surgery reopens at 08:30, please call the NHS 111 Service as above.


  • January, Wednesday 20th January
  • February, Tuesday 9th February
  • March, Thursday 18th March
  • April, Tuesday 20th April
  • May, Wednesday 19th May
  • June, Wednesday 16th June
  • July, Tuesday 13th July
  • September, Wednesday 15th September
  • October, Tuesday 19th October
  • November, Thursday 18th November


  • January, Wednesday 19th January
  • February, Tuesday 15th Feb
  • March, Thursday 17th March