COVID-19 Vaccine Update – 23/04/2021

We have now carried out almost 19,000 vaccinations at the covid vaccination centre in Princes Risborough.

We have completed first doses for all our patients in cohorts 1-9; this is all patients aged over 50 or those under 50 who are shielding; have an underlying health condition; are a carer or work in health or social care.

Recently the guidelines have changed to invite all household members of patients who are immunosuppressed to attend for a vaccination; we have written to all our immunosuppressed patients to inform them of this. Household members can either contact their own GP practice using the letter and proof of address or book an appointment at the vaccination site in Princes Risborough. Many of these patients are under 30 so are advised to have the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine rather than the Astra Zeneca vaccine; we are trying to source additional Pfizer vaccine for these patients.

Pregnant patients have also now been advised to consider having the vaccination. This group are also advised to have an alternative to the AZ vaccine and we will be contacting these patients once the additional vaccine is available.

Most of the vaccine we are receiving currently is for second doses and we will have clinics throughout April and May for these groups. We are scheduling clinics for the 11th week after vaccination but ask any patients who are approaching 12 weeks since their first vaccination to contact us. This is particularly important for new patients or those patients who did not have their first vaccination at the Princes Risborough Centre since the national system seems to have more difficulty ‘capturing’ these patients for recall.

Although we are not currently being sent any additional vaccines for first doses, where we have any spare AZ vaccine, we are now calling patients in cohort 10 (45-49 year old initially and then working down to 40 year olds). Unity Health has signed up to continue to deliver the covid vaccinations to all patients aged 18-49 as the programme is rolled out nationally although we are awaiting confirmation as to when this will start and new first dose vaccine deliveries will be scheduled for these cohorts.

The latest advice for the AZ vaccine is that we continue to give second doses for anyone who had an AZ first dose. We also continue to give the first dose for anyone aged 30 and over. For those aged under 30, patients are advised to have an alternative first dose vaccine; this will be either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.