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Update on COVID Vaccinations for Unity Health Patients.

Our COVID vaccine clinics so far have been a great success. We started vaccinating on the 22nd December and, so far, we have delivered over 1,400 vaccines to our over 80’s and Health/Social care workers. We have just started vaccinating our patient’s living in care homes and patients in the next government cohort (76-79 years of age) and also those patients over 80 who could not have the Pfizer vaccine but can have the AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine. We have had help from a number of volunteers to run the clinics and we would like to thank them all for this help; it has been invaluable in ensuring the smooth flow of patients through the clinics.

We have been so successful in our vaccine roll-out that we have now been asked to support other practices within Bucks to vaccinate their care home residents; we have now vaccinated all the patients in our PCN care homes plus some in High Wycombe and the Aylesbury area; the new variant with its increased rate of transmission is a significant threat to care home residents and there was a national call to provide help to neighbouring areas where possible which our GPs have responded to.

We are also now collaborating with the Cross Keys practice so they will also vaccinate their patients from the site in Princes Risborough and they have already vaccinated approx. 900 of their over 80’s. Haddenham practice are delivering vaccinations for their patients from a site in Aylesbury and this site started delivering vaccinations on Friday 15th January which now means all patients within our PCN are able to be vaccinated which is excellent news.

We are awaiting further notice for our next vaccine delivery to be administered from our vaccine site at Princes Risborough Community Centre. Currently, we do not have a say when our deliveries will be or what vaccine will be delivered (Pfizer or AstraZeneca) and often just have a few days’ notice to put a fully booked clinic together which is why we are sometimes calling you in the evening to come the next day! Hopefully this will change at some point and we will be able to order our vaccine so we can ‘forward plan’ the clinics but we have no date for this yet.

As soon as we have confirmation of vaccine deliveries, we will send out SMS messages and call patients in accordance with the government guidelines. Please do not worry if you are in the above cohorts and have not been contacted, we have to put a hold on calling as soon as we have allocated each batch of vaccines. You will be contacted in the next couple of weeks, once we have the next vaccine delivery confirmed and we urge you to please book in for your vaccine as soon as you are contacted. You may have received a letter from the NHS offering a vaccination at one of the mass vaccination sites across the country. You can take up this offer but please be assured that we will be inviting you to have your vaccination locally and this is just an alternative. There is more on this in the link from Buckinghamshire CCG below.


Second doses

Patients who attended our first vaccination clinics on the week commencing 21st December 2020, were automatically booked in for your second dose vaccine on the week commencing the 11th January 2021. As per the Prime Ministers statement on Wednesday 30th December 2020 we have had to postpone the second dose and all of these patients have been contacted. It has been proven that the first dose can provide significant protection against the worst effects of the virus after 3 weeks and the decision was taken nationally to delay the second dose. The second dose is now to follow up to twelve weeks later, rather than 3, allowing us to vaccinate and protect many more people with a first dose in the coming weeks. Although we supported this decision as a practice we, ultimately had no choice in this since our vaccine delivery for the second dose was cancelled.

COVID Vaccine Scam

It has been brought to our attention that there is unfortunately a scam going around; this tends to be an SMS with a link: Please do not click on this link as it asks you to prove ownership of address by requesting bank details. The COVID Vaccine is free and the NHS would never ask for any form of payment, especially by text.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a positive note, Dr Kerstein has produced another fantastic podcast to answer your questions on the COVID vaccinations that we are using at our practice right now. It is based in the current NHS advice on the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines when recorded on 9th January 2021. Please do have a listen and share this post.

We would like to reiterate that you must continue Hands, Face, and Space even after you have had the vaccine.

Thank you for all of your support during the vaccine roll out.